At PROVITA SUPPLEMENTS, we are proud to be the only company that sells and distributes BONSILAGE® products in the United States – directly from manufacturer to farm!

Pierre Frumholtz, Ph.D.
President, USA

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From the root up to the top

PROVITA SUPPLEMENTS is part of a familyowned group of companies that have been committed to providing quality products to the agriculture industry since the 1930s. This group is known for its extensive and cutting-edge research and development facilities, including Lactosan who developed BONSILAGE® in 2000.

From the root up to the top

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In-house production of BONSILAGE®

Lactosan is a leader in the scientific selection and production of lactic acid bacteria for silage and probiotics in animal feed. Lactosan has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of silage inoculants, and is Europe’s leading manufacturer of products based on viable lactic acid bacteria. They have one of the most diverse libraries of bacteria strains and an extensive database that is used to create high-quality products for all crops

In-house production 

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Proven efficiency on our farm for feeding and ensiling trials

Gut Huelsenberg provides an ideal forum for testing whether innovative products can be usefully transferred to practice. The insights gained from research also feed into the professional consultancy we provide to our customers.

Proven efficiency on our farm

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