Aerobic stability is essential for silage production. Achieving that stability takes time – around 6 to 8 weeks. While that may not feel like a long time in the grand scheme of things, it can feel like an eternity for producers who don’t have the precious time or space on their operation to give. And since cutting corners isn’t an option when it comes to producing high-quality silage, producers needed a way to effectively reduce the wait time without impacting the quality of the silage. BONSILAGE has answered this dilemma by creating BONSILAGE SPEED C.

As its name suggests, BONSILAGE SPEED C speeds up the silo ripening time to 14 days, giving producers the flexibility to open their silos earlier and giving them the peace of mind that the silage will remain aerobically stable. The reason for this early stability is the new silage additive strain Lactobacillus diolivorans, a BONSILAGE product exclusive.

“Being able to quickly and effectively produce silage can be a game changer for producers. Space, time and control are things in short supply for farmers. SPEED provides all of these.”

Jan-Niklas Grund
Sales & Service Manager Silage Inoculants

The SPEED Difference

Using a silage inoculant containing a heterofermentative strain of Lactobacillus buchneri helps producers achieve improved aerobic stability. One challenge with this process, though, is that it takes time for acetic acid to be produced, which aids the improvement of aerobic stability. While this process typically takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks, BONSILAGE R&D has found that waiting longer periods of time for this process to occur isn’t the only way to achieve this stability.

Using a combination of hetero- and homofermentative lactic acid bacteria, BONSILAGE SPEED C’s formulation helps ripen silage faster than other products with subsequently high aerobic stability.


“BONSILAGE SPEED C is the first inoculant worldwide to use the unique strain L. diolivorans. After many years of research and development, this strain has proven to be highly beneficial for fast silage fermentation.”

Pierre Frumholtz



Processing silage in 14 days, simply put, offers farmers flexibility they’ve never had before when it comes to creating effective silage. To learn more about BONSILAGE SPEED C and to purchase it directly, visit our product page  or contact your local sales representative today.


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