During the week in the office, John had several trainings. He gained some additional insights into the shipping and logistics. Our logistics software will support him in managing all shipments in North America. Another important part of his daily business is SAP. Therefore, John also got an advanced SAP training with a German coworker. The ‘youngsters’ in the team enjoyed chatting during a joint Lunch break.



After all the theoretical parts, John visited our working farm Gut Huelsenberg together with Sebastian at the end of the working week. They also got insights into the laboratories of our research facility ISF. John was pretty excited to finally explore where our BONSILAGE products are being researched, tested and fed to the dairy cows.


Visit Gut Huelsenberg


After all the hard work, John enjoyed the pleasures of Hamburg City. He visited several museums, the townhall and even made a boat trip on the ‘Elbe’. We are sure John will come back and are looking forward to what he will explore next time.

See you next time, John!

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