For wet and hard-to-ensile forages


Large Can

500 treated tons (tt) FM

Small Can

100 treated tons (tt) FM


BONSILAGE® FORTE WS is developed specifically for all types of wet and hard-to-ensile silages in the lower dry matter ranges, which often show high ash content with a high buffering capacity. BONSILAGE® FORTE WS quickly lowers the pH, effectively inhibits clostridia growth and decreases the risk of butyric acid fermentation. This process reduces the protein breakdown that typically occurs with wet silages.


  • Lb. plantarum and Pc. acidilactici quickly lower the pH level by producing lactic acid in the front-end fermentation cycle
  • Lc. lactis is known for its active clostridia inhibition to reduce the risk of butyric acid fermentation, thereby improving protein quality
  • BONSILAGE® FORTE WS converts damp, raw material into hygienically perfect silages with excellent palatability

Biological and water soluble silage additive

• Small container (200 g) will treat 100 tons FM forage
• Large container (1 kg) will treat 500 tons FM forage

At least 300,000 CFU/g fresh matter (FM) of forage

Grass haylage, clover grass haylage, alfalfa haylage: 22-35% DM

Selected strains of homofermentative lactic acid bacteria

Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus acidilactici, Lactococcus lactis, dextrose

Lactic acid bacteria not less than 1.36 x 1011 CFU/g product

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